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01 What sizes do you carry?
28-56 bands, AA-O cups.
02 Do you carry nursing bras, mastectomy bras, sports bras?
Yes, we do!
03 Do you carry bra accessories like straps, extenders, nipple covers, etc?
04 Do you provide personal fittings?
Yes we do! Every day, every customer. Fittings can take 15-30 minutes depending on what you are looking for. We take you into the dressing room, measure you and do the bra shopping for you. Want your friends to have a private fitting, too? Schedule a private party. Shopping is always more fun with your friends.
05 Are fittings free?
Yes. Yes, they are.
06 Are your fitters trained?
We sure are. We are trained in New York by the fit trainers from Eveden. We also have trainers come to Detroit to take us through a fit weekend. Watch this site to see when we have fit events! It gets crazy fun in here when the national fit trainers come in to evaluate the store and help us fit Detroit or Chicago.
07 Can you order something for me if you don't have it in the store?
We can. If we don't have what you are looking, we will do our best to find it. Special orders typically take 2-6 weeks to come to the shop.
08 Can you mail products to me?
Absolutely! We typically charge $7 for shipping, depending on what is being sent. If you have purchased from us in the past, and want the same product, give us a call. We can take your order over the phone. (313) 288-0449.
09 What is your return policy?
Within 14 days, unworn, with tags on, and with receipt. Due to the nature of some product, (like underwear, bathing suits, personal massagers, etc.) they are not returnable. Please see your receipt for a full description of our return policy. Please don't hesitate to ask.
10 How do I wash my new bra?
We recommend hand washing and air drying. We have hand wash detergent available in Busted.
11 Can I buy a gift card?
Right now we have gift certificates available. Soon we will have gift cards.
12 Where do your bras come from?
All over the world! We even carry some brands that are hard to find in America. Which ones? Anna Pardal, Tutti Rouge, Avocado, and more to come.
13 How long will processing and shipping take?
Due to some items being processed through our warehouse, processing can take anywhere from 4 to 7 business days. Shipping will take an additional 2 business days.

Still have questions?
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